Holistic Life Planning

Life Planning

Before choosing an asset allocation, we take a look at the client's total balance sheet. We look at both liquid and illiquid assets and how they fit into the total financial plan. This way, we can customize a plan that fits your lifestyle and goals.

Setting and updating a plan is an ongoing process that requires us to focus on reducing your tax burden, reviewing new laws that may change your current plan, and continually search for new ways to take advantage of new techniques. 

In order to solidify a plan, we ask questions like:

  • At what age do you wish to retire?
  • How much would you like to leave to your heirs?
  • Are you interested in any philanthropic goals? 

To create a well-rounded plan, we work with your estate attorneys, accountants, and insurance plans. Working with estate attorneys allows us to help make sure the goals you have provided to us meet the goals you have put in your estate documents. Working with accountants allows us to review your year-end tax statements and take advantage of opportunities. Insurance coverage is a key detail in the overall plan. Looking at long-term care and life insurance can help ensure that you have the coverage you need.

Through these processes, we can help put the pieces together and come up with a complete plan. Once the plan is finalized, we can then input the portfolio that optimizes your return while focusing on staying true to your long-term goals.

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